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Virtual World Collaboration Study

In April/May 2011 we are conducting a study in our virtual world, investigating experience design aspects for collaboration in 3D virtual worlds. This is a call for participation – you can take part from anywhere in California.
See details here.

The study will be continued also online (so participants can partake from virtually anywhere on the planet) from June onwards. Please leave me a comment here (treated privately) or send me an email if you are interested, I will get in touch with you. Thanks!



Welcome to real virtual x, a blog about 3D MUVE (Multi-User Virtual Environments) and Virtual Worlds, and how these environments can bring real added value for collaborative work, collaborative learning, and other group or team activities – through offering memorable experiences rather than just verbal communication.

I will blog about my work in the scope of my PhD thesis, the working title of which is “Visual Collaboration and Learning Practices in 3D Virtual Environments”.

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